September 2016

  • Collaboration with all district schools
  • Attendance at MS and HS open house  
  • CASA Interview for Cable Station  
  • Presentation to the Coalition on Survey results
  • Presentation to the Board of Education on Survey Results
  • Presentations to PTOS
  • Website
  • Family Day
  • Public Recognition of coalition members
  • Prohibiting football game tailgating
  • Providing signage to schools
  • Coalition Survey Satisfaction Administration
  • Information Brief Distribution

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CASA is an organization that is comprised of citizens in both the public and private sectors of the community. We work together with our members and community partners to increase protective factors and to reduce substance use/abuse in our town and increase wellness of our local population.

CASA works diligently to involve all community sectors to carry out wellness efforts in Wolcott and to empower community members to recognize the worth of constant and continued prevention.

CASA provides public speaking seminars and educational speakers to Wolcott school children on topics related to healthy decision making, positive peer influence, and alcohol and drug education. We have organized seminars for parents and children on internet safety and awareness, asset development, narcotics recognition, abuse and awareness, underage drinking and cyber bullying. We have also helped develop policies on substance abuse, provided signage to parks and schools, and implemented community-wide initiatives.

Our goal is to partner with the community to reduce youth use of alcohol and marijuana through education, enforcement and other environmental strategies that increase youth's developmental assets.

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The Citizens Against Substance Abuse Coalition meets the first Tuesday of every month at the Wolcott Police Department. Meetings start at 6:30 P.M. and anyone who lives, works, or visits Wolcott is invited to attend. We discuss local concerns, develop strategies, and plan events to improve the quality of wellness in our community. Time spent at Coalition meetings also counts as community service hours. Join us for our next meeting and tell your friends!

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