Local Businesses Partners With The CASA Coalition To Not Provide Alcohol To Teens

(April 2016) The Citizens Against Substance Abuse Coalition (CASA) is working with the local Wolcott Package Stores and Restaurants to remind adults to n ot provide alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. This is being accomplished through many methods. Store owners are putting messages on their store bags, and restaurants and stores r eceived posters and a license identification book to further prevent sales to minors . In addition, the Coalition is offering free alcohol responsible training to any establishment that sell s, serves or provides alcohol.

This public education and awareness initiative is to give valid info rmation that it is illegal to provide alcohol to people under 21. The program not only educates ab out the legal issues of underage drinking . The project represents a partnership between, retailers, concerned parents and community members, prevention professionals, and law e nforcement with the goal of educating potential furnishers, raising public awareness about underage drinking, and strengthening the deterrent effect of the law against providing alcohol to minors.

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Current Wolcott survey data among youth and adults report th at alcohol is easily accessible to teens. The coalition hopes through these strategies, alcohol w ill stay out of youth ’ s hands. In a recent survey, many adults were unaware of Connecticut ’ s Social Host Law. This law has strict penalties including but not limited to: the host being fined and subj ect to imprisonment; the host could be held liable for injuries stemming from the use of con trolled substances in your domicile regardless of when minors leave your home and property.

CASA is made up of a diverse group of devoted volunteers th at are focused on preventing risky and unhealthy behaviors in the Wolcott community. CASA hope s that this donation will help parents and other adults prevent risky behaviors among Wol cott youth and that the information provided with the kits will help them if treatment is need ed.

CASA is a prevention coalition, and is made up of dedicated volunteers from all sectors of the community. CASA implements many different strategies for community change, such as health promotion, policy change, education, awareness, etc. Currently, CASA is a grantee of the Dr ug Free Communities Support Program Grant administered by the Office of National Drug Control Policy-(ONDCP). For more information on CASA and the work that we do please contact Director Kathryn Glendon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..